Hugo Condesa

hugo condesa

CEO | WeTek

With more than 15 years connected to the video distribution industry, this former basketball athlete has always had a keen eye for team management. Over the years, Hugo Condesa has been passionately supporting various startup companies, building them from the ground up and laying the foundations for future success. This young entrepreneur has always looked towards the industry with an innovative glare and a full commitment to creativity and exclusivity, having founded Opensat he specialized in the development and distribution of full High-end Media Centers and Terrestrial (DVB-T) Set-Top-Boxes, paving the way to what would come next. He is currently the CEO of WeTek, a company directed at empowering ISPs and television operators by providing them state of the art technology, reaching over 70 countries as of 2018. From video injection to amazing multi-screen user interface tools, WeTek’s focus is to maximize monetization from current assets and always plan ahead of its competition, creating new opportunities for companies and consumers alike.