Alvin Obersi


CEO | WTN Cable

Alvin Obersi is a global entrepreneur, pioneer, visionary, investor, innovator, engineer and inventor. At the age of 11 he already had the vision of owning many companies in the Caribbean and traveling to work in his own private plane. After starting his first business at 14 years of age he realized this dream and is now expanding globally. Alvin has been leading and investing in successful business ventures all over the world. He is the founder and shareholder of the Obersi Group of Companies, active in the industries of technology, communication, marketing, document management, printing services, media (tv and digital), cable systems, health management and real estate development, among others. His accomplishments include introducing the first Trunking system in the Caribbean and all Americas on Bonaire in partnership with Zenitel and launching in St. Maarten the first DVB-T (digital video broadcasting terrestrial) wireless pay and free-to-air TV of the American Continent and the Caribbean. He was the first to bring Mobile communications to Bonaire in partnership with Telbo and Setel, using his company’s 2-way radio license. He invented a dismantlable solar- and wind-powered container generator for hurricane-prone communities and created health management franchises to manage and treat diabetes through innovative digital and magnetic technology. Alvin is multi-lingual, multi-cultural, with a broad range of expertise and talents which enables him to build strong connections and successful businesses globally. Alvin moved with his parents to Bonaire when he was one year old and has a deep loyalty and love for this island where he grew up. Aside from his multiple businesses, his passion is to see Bonaire develop in a responsible, inclusive and sustainable manner while maintaining its authentic social identity, creating opportunities and sustainable livelihood for the local population. Alvin is a family man, who considers entrepreneurship as his calling. He also greatly enjoys hosting family gatherings, cooking, boating, traveling, martial arts, horse-back riding, and observing nature. He is highly involved in the communities where is he commercially active, and is respected for his drive, accomplishments and social service.