Latin America
    Featured Speakers

    Ellation Crunchyroll

    Terry Li
    Vice President, General Manager of International Markets



    Mia Nygren
    Managing Director, Latin America


    Fox Networks Group Latin America

    Carlos Martinez



    James Glasscock
    SVP Strategy and Business Development



    Javier Ruete

    Event highlights


    to Industry Leaders of a booming market

    60+ leading-industry speakers

    Capture the underlying strategies of key players in the TV, Video, Music and Social Network ecosystem, in launching new services and overcoming obstacles in a diverse market.


    C-level people and Decision Makers

    150 + Executives and C-level attendees

    Executive and C-level attendees get the opportunity to forge new partnerships, deepen relationships and explore new strategic opportunities.


    about New Online Video & Music business
    • S-VOD OTT, linear Pay TV OTT services, free OTT channels and Multi-Channel Networks provide new opportunities
    • Who are the New OTT and TV competitors?
    • What are the trends, forecasts, technology roadmaps, forthcoming new services and new business models?
    • How to benchmark with US, European and Asian markets


    your business development strategies
    Check how Pay TV operators and FTA broadcasters are re-inventing themselves to face the arrival of new OTT competitors and the migration of “millennials” audience to Internet.


    hundreds of your peers in a VIP environment

    80%+ Senior Executives

    TV Industry leaders, film and OTT, pay TV operators and broadcast TV programmers, film and TV producers, regulators, media groups and technology providers will all get together in one place.


    20+ hours of VIP networking activities
    Pay TV – OTT – Broadcasters – Telcos – Regulators – TV Channels– TV & Cinema Producers – Sports – News - Music – Media – Online Video Content Providers & Aggregators – Distributors– Right owners - Leading Technology Providers

    Panels discussions overview

    Television Advertising

    • Getting audience numbers
    • Key customer perspectives (agencies & key advertisers)
    • Pay TV advertising
    • New digital streams for TV in Africa

    Movies & Fiction

    • Everybody wants African content, how to make it possible?
    • The economy of African movies & fiction production
    • Point of view of African producers & distributors
    • The role of pay TV channels & operators


    • Beyond English Premier League: getting the best of African sports
    • The point of view of rights owners
    • The rising of eSports Industry


    • Evolving forms of piracy
    • Fighting piracy with technology
    • What on the ground actions can be taken by authorities?
    • Piracy cases


    Special focus on key countries:
    • Ethiopia
    • DRC
    • Nigeria
    • Kenya

    Boosting Internet Connectivity

    • How much more international submarine capacity does Africa need?
    • Case studies of FTTx deployments
    • State of 4G in Africa
    • Case studies with operators
    • Opportunities for content providers

    Telecoms Operators content strategies

    • The key challenges facing Telco’s into a digital business?
    • How can operators monetise delivery of video services?
    • How can operators leverage delivery of OTT video traffic to create new revenue opportunities?

    The Next TV & Digital Wave

    • Smart TV penetration
    • Development of HD & 4K
    • The Next Wave: Augmented/Virtual Reality

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    About Miami-Coral Gables: hub of Latam TV business
    The 273 room hotel and resort is known as The Biltmore is as elegant as the day it opened in 1926. The Biltmore’s rich history makes it Coral Gables’ most preeminent historic landmark. Coral Gables is a largely residential, affluent area graced with broad, planted boulevards, golf courses, and a country clubs. The district of Coral Gables is home to more than a hundred headquarters of major media & TV business units for Latin America.

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