• Event highlights


    to Industry Leaders of a booming market

    60+ leading-industry speakers

    Capture the underlying strategies of key players in the TV, Video, Music and Social Network ecosystem, in launching new services and overcoming obstacles in a diverse market.


    C-level people and Decision Makers

    150 + Executives and C-level attendees

    Executive and C-level attendees get the opportunity to forge new partnerships, deepen relationships and explore new strategic opportunities.


    about New Online Video & Music business
    • S-VOD OTT, linear Pay TV OTT services, free OTT channels and Multi-Channel Networks provide new opportunities
    • Who are the New OTT and TV competitors?
    • What are the trends, forecasts, technology roadmaps, forthcoming new services and new business models?
    • How to benchmark with US, European and Asian markets


    your business development strategies
    Check how Pay TV operators and FTA broadcasters are re-inventing themselves to face the arrival of new OTT competitors and the migration of “millennials” audience to Internet.


    hundreds of your peers in a VIP environment

    80%+ Senior Executives

    TV Industry leaders, film and OTT, pay TV operators and broadcast TV programmers, film and TV producers, regulators, media groups and technology providers will all get together in one place.


    20+ hours of VIP networking activities
    Pay TV – OTT – Broadcasters – Telcos – Regulators – TV Channels– TV & Cinema Producers – Sports – News - Music – Media – Online Video Content Providers & Aggregators – Distributors– Right owners - Leading Technology Providers

    Panels discussions overview

    New OTT VOD Strategies

    New pay TV services through OTT.
    Will there be competition between OTT VOD platforms?
    Alliances between vertical OTTs and TV and telecom operators
    Security and anti-piracy strategies
    IOT and OTT

    E- Sports & Sports OTTs

    The challenge of big sporting events and simultaneous sessions
    The boom of e-sports
    Sporting rights in the OTT world
    The importance of CDN for live streaming
    The importance of non traditional sports and minor leagues
    Leagues’ OTTs vs. teams’ OTTs

    New Connected TV Devices Facing PAY TV

    What is the business model of connected devices?
    Advantages and Opportunities of Pay-TV Operators Implementing STBs Connected to the Internet
    Will the connected TV platforms become content aggregators?

    Programming & Content strategies

    In the future, will it be necessary to focus on the most valuable channels?
    Channel marketing vs product marketing
    The future of EPG
    New packetization and unbundling strategies in the OTT era
    OTT as an alternative to premium
    The impact of binge viewing

    Broadcast TV towards multiscreen and OTT

    Multiscreen advertising and monetization strategies
    Catch-up and VOD subscription models
    Integration in streaming media players
    Transmedia content

    Media Groups goes to OTT Video

    The competition between media groups and online newspapers with news channels
    Professional quality productions vs. the impact of low cost videos
    Synergies and multi-platform production
    The role of social networks
    Will there be more news channels?
    Impact, audience, visualization: the importance of metrics

    The Transformation of Pay TV

    Pay TV evolves towards OTT
    The new user interfaces
    Packages and the aggregation of TV everywhere
    Hybrid systems
    Rights for catch-up and VOD

    International Distribution and OTT Strategies

    The OTT market and the international distribution of productions
    The migration of international channels to OTT
    The internationalization of broadcasters via OTT
    Diaspora and OTT consumption

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